Friday, January 13, 2006

Attack of the 13 inch Robot!

Seems appropriate for Friday the 13th doesn't it?

Even though he's big and wooly this fearsome robot really just wants to be hugged.

I swear he's saying hug me, not mug me. I swear.


He came from Jess Hutch's "Unusual Toys For You to Knit and Enjoy" which can be found at:

In other news: I picked up a bunch of discontinued Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed. What to do, what to do? I'll keep you posted.


Jessica said...

Aw, he wants a hug. How sweet.

Nicole.C said...

wow, this is really cute! thnx for mentioning the Jess Hutch site! ^_^

Anonymous said...

thank goodness you bought the aran tweed before i could. it is driving me nuts. NUTS!

ghoose said...

Hello Kat:)
I just got your email about doing a swap:)
I could make you a neck warmer/headband (can be used for both)... what is your favourite colour?
I love very natural looking wools. I don't suppose you could swap a neck hugger, like with a button at the front? - only if you're into it... (i dont have an ipod).

Chat again soon
my mail is iseult_g at hotmail dot com if you want to email:)

Pip and Tom said...

Hug me, Mug me, they're both cute!

Now I want a robot. Robot robot robot.

Anonymous said...

Hey K, do you guys have any more of Jess Hutch's books at the shop? Maybe you could hold one aside for me? I could make a good excuse to get downtown soon...


Anonymous said...

oh dear! I have wanted that book, but they are sold out!

by the way... sorry to lurk. I am a local knitter who stumbled on yr blog.

<3 bekka