Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Spincycle Yarns

I went to Bellingham recently to help my best friend with her wedding invitations. While there
I was sitting at an outdoor cafe having lunch and some people at another table started complimenting me on my argyle sweater. Who doesn't love random knitting attention?! They knew their stuff, even the guy knit. It turned out the woman was Rachel of Spincycle yarns. When she introduced herself an image flashed in my mind, much like this:

And I thought, I know this woman! Or more accurately I know her yarn. Gorgeous handspun, hand-dyed, locally made yarn that she and her partner Kate sell at the Bellingham Farmers Market. Well, at the farmers market they wear more clothes than this:

Rachel offered to show my friends and I her spinning studio. I love seeing artists studios of all kinds, bookbinding, weaving, anything really where handcrafting is going on. We nestled into the small space, fingering the roving, turning the carder, and asking dying questions. She was quite indulgent with all our poking and prodding. (Thanks Rachel)

The only downside was that the yarn was already packed up to go to the farmers market... there wasn't any to be had in the studio. And I had to leave early the next morning so there would be no farmers market for me. But I'm resolved to go the next time I visit Bellingham and meanwhile there is always the internet : Spincycle Yarns

I don't really know the "spinsters" as they call themselves, it was just really great to meet some people who are living the dream of making a living with your own two hands. I thought I'd post about it as a small sign of support. May they have many more years at the farmers market.

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Life's a Stitch said...

We go to B'Ham regularly. How come I've missed the fact that there's yarn at the farmer's market? Probably because I've been too busy buying Socks That Rock at Marilyn's!