Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm being followed by a rain shadow

Jesse and I went East for a restful weekend of visiting friends and family. I enjoyed getting out of town, he does all the driving- so guess who does all the knitting!

Jesse Drives, Kat Knits

The drive is pretty, we started out in the Cascades


held our breath at The Gorge

The Gorge


and were in the land of wheat before we knew it.


We went to Spokane, which as everyone knows is where they keep:

Hot Carly

The Hot Carly. I looked around, but my college roommate was in North Carolina. Not Spokane.

We found plenty of hotness however, in nearby Cheney.

Hardware Store

Yes, that's Nerissa and I at the hardware store. We can have a good time anywhere.

It was a short trip, but with blue sky, pumpkin pie and these smiling faces

Nerissa gets kissed

we'll be back for another visit as soon as we can. Which is pretty much as soon as the snow melts. Let's hope for a short winter shall we?


dunnewithkiwis said...

Ahh, how wonderful to see all those great photos of you, Jesse, Nerissa and everything! I'm writing you a letter, but it hasn't found its way into the mailbox yet. I'll finish it soon and "post" it after standing in the "queue" at "Post Plus". So many colloquialisms, so little time!
love and hugs

Anonymous said...

Oh, I used to live in Spokane and love that drive! Thanks for the memories!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your trip was good and Nerissa and Ian look like they are doing well! I can't believe I missed Hot Carly in Spokane! Love you - Hot Carly

Beck said...

Awww. I miss you guys.

How are Nerissa and Ian doing, anyway?

manic hispanic said...

i, myself, always hope for a short winter. so, i'm rooting for you!

Wendee said...

There's snow in them thar hills! Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.

Wendee said...

PS - when you're tired of that coat, I'll take it :)