Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two Tickets to Paradise... Fibers that is

Besides the draw of Nerissa and Ian, lambs and goats, etc. Eastern Washington has Paradise Fibers. I convinced Jesse to indulge two of his favorite knitters in visiting this warehouse that is open to the public.

Nerissa makes a wise purchase

Nerissa has this devilish smile on her face because she has already been inside to see:

Nerissa thinks it over

The Wall of Coned Yarn. However, she is facing the Wall of Sale Yarn and trying to make some baby knitting decisions. There really was a lot of yarn.

Paradise Fibers wall of cones

Not all of it was even coned, but I thought it looked the most luscious. Of course, we had to look at it all. Jesse meanwhile...

Jesse + Books = Paradise

found a place among the books to get comfortable. While he is most at ease around books these were all about knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, etc. and therefore more my style than his. Still doesn't he look happy or at least patient?

While the staff said their in store shoppers are sort of "red headed stepchildren" to their online shoppers I didn't feel treated that way. They were quite kind to us. Definitely worth a visit when you find yourself in Spokane, WA.

Jesse and Nerissa in Paradise

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