Friday, September 14, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Unpoofen Man Sveater

My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to knit a man sweater. Not just any man sweater of course but one comfortable AND interesting. One that a man of a certain age can wear. One that won't drive me crazy. One for my Dad.

Man Sweater

His birthday is today and before you go thinking I'm all thoughtful, you should know: this is a sweater I may have promised him a birthday or two ago.

Indeed I may have shown him a knit back o' sweater just to prove my fidelity to this project, when in reality I had none. That sweaterback proved to me the whole damned thing was coming out far too large and I had to rip it out. The Lopi I picked to match his silvery blue eyes was not too kind to my hands either.

That being said, I picked up the offending Lopi again and somehow it seemed softer. I began knitting it, in summer (think on that, Lopi wool + sweater+ humidity) and I've made some progress. Hello armpits! Never have I been so happy to see you.

Tonight my family is going to the ballpark and I'm going to knit my heart out on this one. Depending on how the Mariners play I may even finish it off. Unfortunately the old man was called away on business, so he won't be with us, but that will just give me more time to sew in ends and give it a wash.

This boring knit has been a welcome respite from moving, job hunting, etc. It also feels good to finish up some knitting I've been feeling guilty about. I have a few more things on that list and then, then I will knit guilt free!