Monday, March 03, 2008

Hilltop Fire Sale

For those of you who survived you don't need to hear the tales of glory.

For those of us who weren't there, we never got to test our mettle.

I bring you, the Hilltop Fire Sale.

People were lined up for hours before the store opened.

I'm not sure anything like this had ever happened on Queen Anne before.

Once the doors opened the store was instantly wall to wall people.

Congratulations to the stash enhancers! I've seen your haul on ravelry. :)

If you see me at Hilltop I'll be the one behind the register trying to reorder yarn as fast as I can. :) There's some books, patterns and needles still left on sale.

We'll see you all again as soon as you've recovered!

*All pictures are from Martine as I was a big chicken, at home knitting in my pjs.