Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ballard on Syttende Mai

Ballard used to be parodied on the local skit comedy show, Almost Live, as a neighborhood in Seattle full of old, cranky, Scandinavians. My favorite involved the Ballard driving school, where you must have your blinker on at all times and your seatbelt hanging out the door to get your license. Today it's more often referred to as a quaint little drinking village with a condo problem. There are plenty of bars and plenty of condos. Some people wonder if it's lost its original charm.

However, on Syttende Mai, the 17th of May or Norwegian Constitution Day, everyone is an honorary Norwegian. And dresses accordingly.

Check out the socks on that guy! I am impressed. The tassels, the turned up collar, he is pulling it all off splendidly.

A whole boatload of Norwegians! So very blonde. I love the way the sun is shining on them despite the grayness of the sky. The sun is funny like that here, it sneaks up on you sideways.

It just wouldn't be a parade without a drill team. (You know what I'm talking about Opie.) I love the color combination used for their uniforms and the pom poms on their socks. A parade with such wonderful socks must be good.

Not to mention a Viking Robotics Team. Yes, a Viking Robotics Team. Top that.

Well, a hundred small children on unicycles is pretty cool. Let's call it a tie until next Syttende Mai.