Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Saturday in Seattle

On Saturday morning I met up with my sister for some belated birthday dim sum, her birthday this time, not mine. I wish I knew the names of the food I was eating... but generally if it has shrimp or it's fried I'm willing to try it.

kat & steph photo booth

Then she paired off to see the new Bond movie with some friends... I decided to pass on that and went to Uwajimaya instead. I knew this would be dangerous but I'm not sure I had in mind spending over $40. Hmmm, how did that happen?

There's this book on fabulous button jewelry:

Button Craft Book

Then this knitting book with nary a dud in it:

Let's Knit - Japanese

Lastly this exciting bit of machinery:

Craft Knife

ok, it's a craft knife. But heavy duty enough for my shoe making class. Or so I hope. And yes, I am taking a class on making leather shoes. Yes, I am a Luddite.

Well I knew I'd kind of blown my wad for the day. So I thought I would just take a look at what was in Anthropologie. You know, for knitting design inspiration. On my way over I seemed to have wandered into some parade for Chinese Communism. No, I'm not kidding and yes I said for.

Chinese Parade

I listened to the band for awhile, but was not dissuaded from my capitalist trip to Anthropologie. I should have known it would be dangerous.

New Coat

I did want a new coat and it was hard to resist 40% off of a sale... sigh.

And that's how I spend a Saturday in Seattle.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fall Fashion Fete

The Hilltop Yarn fashion show went extremely well despite my aching wrists and general feelings of sick. I did finish the two sweaters intended for the show, thus the aching wrists, even if I did have to cheat a little on the sleeves for one. Which would be this one:

Simple Knitted Bodice

The Simple Knitted Bodice from Stitch Diva. Notice how they're "capped" hmmm well they're meant to be lacy. I'm actually going to go back and finish them off now that I have the lace pattern down, I just had to see it in the show. That's our own lovely Megan modeling.

Here's Karen all snazzily coordinated in the Penelope Vest from Classic Woman.

Karen's Penelope vest

Shannon working her own mojo in a Nashua Julia vest from Study.

Shannon working her vest

Matching sweaters and glasses! Daphne and I in Cyd from Jaeger.

Cyd vests, a pair

Lastly but not leastly, the crowd!

Thank you all for coming, especially my friends and family. Being able to make it to the show and see you all there made my birthday a great one.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hilltop Fashion Show

My birthday is happening this year on the exact same date as the Hilltop Fashion Show!

Which, if you're wondering, just happens to be tomorrow. I'm pretty excited to model, not one, but two sweaters I've knit myself. The first is the argyle sweater vest, Cyd which you've seen a fair amount of. The second... well the second refuses to be photographed well while in progress, but here's my latest attempt:

Ok, you can probably see that this sweater isn't exactly, hmmm, what do you call it? Oh, yeah, finished.

All I can say is I've made it past the lace and for me that was no minor feat. The lace and I are not friends so much. This was our first meeting and it took awhile for it to go well. I think we're on our way now, but I'm not hurrying off to cast on a shawl or anything. And I'm probably going to end up cheating on the sleeves a little, just so I can wear it in the show. I'll have pictures of it all I'm sure. As my Mom will be there and what she lacks in quality of photography she makes up for in quantity.

To recap:

Free Fashion Show
Hilltop Yarn West
2224 Queen Anne Ave. N.

Modelling begins at 6:30pm, but I'd suggest coming earlier for a good spot.

My sister will also be modelling this week. Oh yes, we are fabulous. Her friend Tuan is holding a fashion show of his own designs this Saturday and he has asked her to model. At Arts, etc. I wonder if it had anything to do with her being tall and beautiful? Hmmmm....