Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Saturday in Seattle

On Saturday morning I met up with my sister for some belated birthday dim sum, her birthday this time, not mine. I wish I knew the names of the food I was eating... but generally if it has shrimp or it's fried I'm willing to try it.

kat & steph photo booth

Then she paired off to see the new Bond movie with some friends... I decided to pass on that and went to Uwajimaya instead. I knew this would be dangerous but I'm not sure I had in mind spending over $40. Hmmm, how did that happen?

There's this book on fabulous button jewelry:

Button Craft Book

Then this knitting book with nary a dud in it:

Let's Knit - Japanese

Lastly this exciting bit of machinery:

Craft Knife

ok, it's a craft knife. But heavy duty enough for my shoe making class. Or so I hope. And yes, I am taking a class on making leather shoes. Yes, I am a Luddite.

Well I knew I'd kind of blown my wad for the day. So I thought I would just take a look at what was in Anthropologie. You know, for knitting design inspiration. On my way over I seemed to have wandered into some parade for Chinese Communism. No, I'm not kidding and yes I said for.

Chinese Parade

I listened to the band for awhile, but was not dissuaded from my capitalist trip to Anthropologie. I should have known it would be dangerous.

New Coat

I did want a new coat and it was hard to resist 40% off of a sale... sigh.

And that's how I spend a Saturday in Seattle.


Heather said...

Wow! Where are you taking a shoe-making class? Man, if I could make my own shoes...

Duchess said...

Hey, I was in the ID for dim sum Sat. morning (House of Hong- and I also had no idea what I was eating, but most of it was very good.)
AND- we saw the pro-communist rally and band. We were very confused and actually sent someone to get a closer look to confirm that we weren't crazy. Wow, anything can happen in the ID, I guess.
Your jacket is lovely, it was worth it!

Kat said...

I'm taking the class through Discover U (sounds corny I know) at Northgate.

I'll post more as I have proto shoes to show.

Martine said...

You signed up for a shoe-making class! I'm so excited for you (even though it sounds like it isn't the shoe-making class out in Port Townsend or wherever it was).

Daphne said...

I am SO excited about those craft books. Last time I went I got Cotton Time, but I didn't see much else that was so GOOD. Where did you find these? Bring them over tomorrow!!! Please!

manic hispanic said...

yay! commies!
p.s. super cute photobooth pictures of super cute chapmans.

Anonymous said...

Cute jacket. And the button book looks cool. =)


dunnewithkiwis said...

Hey Kat! Kiwi Courtney here just stopping in to say hi. And, reading your blog on Uwajimaya and dim sum makes me crave those things all the more...unfortunately Dan and I are away from any major city in NZ at the moment, so quality Asian food has to wait. Also, I'm so happy that you and Jesse have picked a wedding day! I'm sorry we can't make it but I look forward SO much to seeing you in April.

miss you!