Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fall Fashion Fete

The Hilltop Yarn fashion show went extremely well despite my aching wrists and general feelings of sick. I did finish the two sweaters intended for the show, thus the aching wrists, even if I did have to cheat a little on the sleeves for one. Which would be this one:

Simple Knitted Bodice

The Simple Knitted Bodice from Stitch Diva. Notice how they're "capped" hmmm well they're meant to be lacy. I'm actually going to go back and finish them off now that I have the lace pattern down, I just had to see it in the show. That's our own lovely Megan modeling.

Here's Karen all snazzily coordinated in the Penelope Vest from Classic Woman.

Karen's Penelope vest

Shannon working her own mojo in a Nashua Julia vest from Study.

Shannon working her vest

Matching sweaters and glasses! Daphne and I in Cyd from Jaeger.

Cyd vests, a pair

Lastly but not leastly, the crowd!

Thank you all for coming, especially my friends and family. Being able to make it to the show and see you all there made my birthday a great one.


Daphne said...

Happy Belated birthday! I love the two Cyds together. Your Stitch Diva tunic inspired Emily to make one as well!

manic hispanic said...

damn! i am one sexy bitch.
p.s. you and daphs look super fabulous

Wendee said...

I wish I could have been there. With each picture I started a new project in my head. The Cyds are the ultimate finale! Was your b-day the night of the show? Happy Belated!

Kat said...

Thanks Wendee, my birthday was the day of show and a lot of fun too despite my feeling the ick.

I knit my Cyd most of the summer, so it was funny to see vests as the must have item of Fall. Now I'm a bit hooked on them. No sleeves = heaven.