Tuesday, November 17, 2009

For Nerissa

Carly & Andys wedding was beautiful and lots of us were able to make it there. However a few people, like Nerissa, were not. So this post is for her.

See this beach? This is Golden Gardens the beach closest to my home. Even though I don't go here often, especially in the winter, I love knowing it's there. I walk the ridge above the ocean view almost every day on my way to the bus stop. The fancier houses keep me from actually seeing the Pacific, but I always look East to see if the mountains are out.

Carly and Andy were married at the Boathouse on the beach. Built in the 1930's this brick building is quite charming. It looked even more so with us dressed up folk in it. Don't you think so?

And filled with decorations chosen by, or even made by the Bride herself! She made this flamingo topper for the bride & groom pie. Yes, pie!

Mmmm, yes there were lots of pies. Pumpkin, lemon meringue, pecan, apple, I didn't get to try them all, but they all looked delicious.

The bride was lovely and the groom was dasher. Carly had both her parents walk her down the aisle, which made me happy as I did the same thing. They both brought me here after all and it felt good to be able to honor them equally.

I bet Carly felt the same way.

Walking down the aisle

After the ceremony at sunset there was still a little sunshine left and it caught the fall trees ablaze.

Fall Colors

The bride getting a little assistance in the shoe department...

Carly as Cinderella

to her Fathers' amusement. Can you see how cute her green Fluevogs are!?

Then there was lots of time for dancing. Which I didn't properly capture as I was too busy cutting a rug myself. But I had a really great time.


I really did, and I think Steph did too!

I do wish you could have been there.

See you when the ice melts friend.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekend Plans

As usual I have many plans for my weekend. A plan in this context is a loose term. It implies activities I know I will attend, ones I hope to attend, and those I just like knowing exist and could only attend if I could bend the rules of time and space.

The Nordic Lights Film Festival is happening this weekend. In my neighborhood. With Nazi zombies. I should definitely be able to make at least one of these movies, right? But most of all the Nazi Zombies one, Dead Snow. But at 9 pm on a Sunday? Hmmm...

Also all weekend, the Leif Erikson Lodge Bazaar in Ballard of course! How can you pass up the chance to see authentic Scandinavian crafts and eat homemade lefse! I'm a member of the local Nordic Heritage Museum even though I'm not sure I have any to speak of... however I always enjoy celebrating with the Scandinavians. As I did this summer in both a silly

A beautiful day to celebrate Nordic Heritage

and more serious fashion.

Wood carving detail

I was blown away by the skills on display in fiber and wood. There were wool spinners, knitters, wood carvers, and lace makers. So beautiful.

There are always shopping opportunities and all the better when they are for a good cause. As is the Closet Treasure Sale which benefits the Dress for Success program. Helping women with low income reenter the work force by providing them with office appropriate attire. I remember graduating from college and realizing I had nothing to wear to an office job myself! I hit the thrift stores thinking how unrealistic it felt to buy a whole new wardrobe for a job that would hardly pay the bills. I'm glad this program exists.

Trumping all these activities is the wedding of Carly & Andy! So exciting to see these two get married. I've been watching them grow together for some time now and I'm very glad to be able to see them wed!

Carly and Andy May 2008

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where did the summer go?

We did manage to make a wee trip to Bellingham.

There was brunch at Old Town Cafe with Clover, Dan & Courtney.

Old Town Cafe

Jesse's having trouble figuring out the bill but we're not concerned as we're already full of crazy, delicious scrambles and omelets. I have many favorite breakfast joints in Bellingham and Old Town is high on the list. Rivaled by Mt. Bakery so fancy with its frittatas and crepes.

After all that good, rich food it feels good to get outside and get moving. Even though I lived in Bellingham a long time there are always more places to explore. This time we went down Chuckanut Drive to hike up to Fragrance Lake. There were good views of the San Juan Islands at the top but I was looking in a different direction.

Jesse at the viewpoint

Doesn't he look rugged?

We found Fragrance Lake and learned that it isn't named for an enticing fragrance, but rather after a person who may or may not have smelled delectable. It is a pretty lake though, it really sparkled in the sunlight.

We found a lake!

I wish I'd brought a bathing suit as it looked like pretty good swimming.

This summer was hot and long, but once Fall came on it's been real serious. Which is too bad as I'm waiting for Bikeworks to finish building me a bike and I do intend to ride it. No matter the weather.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Down in the Garden

I've had a little time to play in my new garden. More time than knowledge I'll admit... but there's always next Spring, right?

Purple Beans or Peas?

I really can't yet tell the difference between plants I want in the garden and plants I don't want. It doesn't help that I inherited this garden from previous tenants. So sometimes when I reach down to pull out a "weed" this happens:

Reaping what she sowed.

If you look very closely you can just see a tiny carrot. So adorable we couldn't let it go to waste.


We even managed to share it, despite its diminutive size.

Stay Loose

I plan to dig in this winter and study my seed catalog carefully. In the spring I hope to plant my own starters from those well thought out seed choices.

In the meantime the garden does contain pleasures that aren't food related.

Huge Dragonfly

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

To Secret Beaches

Sunset on the beach

Making the most of a summer evening at the beach near our house.

Canadian Geese

Rediscovering Canadian geese with visiting British friends.

Jesse at sunset

Jesse getting his feet wet. (Though he says he doesn't like the beach.)

Graeme with kite

Graeme flying a kite, or just contemplating it. I think Graeme has a beautiful silhouette.

Alina on the secret beach

Alina relaxing on the sand. She's really not a baby anymore, but still adorable. All that hair!

Hopefully there will be many more beach filled evenings this summer.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Knitting Envy

I remember feeling this way on occasion, but I've matured since then.

Is that laughter I hear? Okay, but I am a better knitter than I was in the beginning. If not much faster.

Learning to Knit from Max Alexander on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Since I spent the whole weekend with Opie, ahem, I mean Stephanie Kay Oppelaar. I'll let her tell you how our Memorial Day was, but I'll chime in by saying I had a really good time.

Weekend in a Nutshell.

Bellingham is always a retreat for me, but this was an especially calming and grounding visit.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two Tickets to Paradise... Fibers that is

Besides the draw of Nerissa and Ian, lambs and goats, etc. Eastern Washington has Paradise Fibers. I convinced Jesse to indulge two of his favorite knitters in visiting this warehouse that is open to the public.

Nerissa makes a wise purchase

Nerissa has this devilish smile on her face because she has already been inside to see:

Nerissa thinks it over

The Wall of Coned Yarn. However, she is facing the Wall of Sale Yarn and trying to make some baby knitting decisions. There really was a lot of yarn.

Paradise Fibers wall of cones

Not all of it was even coned, but I thought it looked the most luscious. Of course, we had to look at it all. Jesse meanwhile...

Jesse + Books = Paradise

found a place among the books to get comfortable. While he is most at ease around books these were all about knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, etc. and therefore more my style than his. Still doesn't he look happy or at least patient?

While the staff said their in store shoppers are sort of "red headed stepchildren" to their online shoppers I didn't feel treated that way. They were quite kind to us. Definitely worth a visit when you find yourself in Spokane, WA.

Jesse and Nerissa in Paradise

Monday, March 02, 2009


A few weeks ago Jesse and I made the sojurn east to visit our friends Nerissa and Ian in the wilds of Cheney, WA.

Besides their lovely company there was the enticement of new lambs. Yes, freshly lambed lambs.

So cute

Now I wouldn't say the lambs wanted me to hold them, but I got away with it for a little while.


When they bleated, as this one was doing, their whole bodies shook!

Doesn't want to be held

It surprised me! But they didn't need to worry as mom was nearby and I was only interested in their fiber, not their meat.

Jenny's ranch had all kinds of sheep, an alpaca, a fainting goat, or was it two? A couple of big friendly dogs... I really liked it. She was very kind to show us city slickers around.

Jenny on her ranch

I think Ian and Jesse liked it too.

Ian and Jesse amuse themselves

Don't they look amused?