Thursday, August 13, 2009

Down in the Garden

I've had a little time to play in my new garden. More time than knowledge I'll admit... but there's always next Spring, right?

Purple Beans or Peas?

I really can't yet tell the difference between plants I want in the garden and plants I don't want. It doesn't help that I inherited this garden from previous tenants. So sometimes when I reach down to pull out a "weed" this happens:

Reaping what she sowed.

If you look very closely you can just see a tiny carrot. So adorable we couldn't let it go to waste.


We even managed to share it, despite its diminutive size.

Stay Loose

I plan to dig in this winter and study my seed catalog carefully. In the spring I hope to plant my own starters from those well thought out seed choices.

In the meantime the garden does contain pleasures that aren't food related.

Huge Dragonfly

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Pretty Little Pictures said...

I LOVE your garden and so want it. I want my own pretty little patch to plant things.