Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where did the summer go?

We did manage to make a wee trip to Bellingham.

There was brunch at Old Town Cafe with Clover, Dan & Courtney.

Old Town Cafe

Jesse's having trouble figuring out the bill but we're not concerned as we're already full of crazy, delicious scrambles and omelets. I have many favorite breakfast joints in Bellingham and Old Town is high on the list. Rivaled by Mt. Bakery so fancy with its frittatas and crepes.

After all that good, rich food it feels good to get outside and get moving. Even though I lived in Bellingham a long time there are always more places to explore. This time we went down Chuckanut Drive to hike up to Fragrance Lake. There were good views of the San Juan Islands at the top but I was looking in a different direction.

Jesse at the viewpoint

Doesn't he look rugged?

We found Fragrance Lake and learned that it isn't named for an enticing fragrance, but rather after a person who may or may not have smelled delectable. It is a pretty lake though, it really sparkled in the sunlight.

We found a lake!

I wish I'd brought a bathing suit as it looked like pretty good swimming.

This summer was hot and long, but once Fall came on it's been real serious. Which is too bad as I'm waiting for Bikeworks to finish building me a bike and I do intend to ride it. No matter the weather.

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