Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekend Plans

As usual I have many plans for my weekend. A plan in this context is a loose term. It implies activities I know I will attend, ones I hope to attend, and those I just like knowing exist and could only attend if I could bend the rules of time and space.

The Nordic Lights Film Festival is happening this weekend. In my neighborhood. With Nazi zombies. I should definitely be able to make at least one of these movies, right? But most of all the Nazi Zombies one, Dead Snow. But at 9 pm on a Sunday? Hmmm...

Also all weekend, the Leif Erikson Lodge Bazaar in Ballard of course! How can you pass up the chance to see authentic Scandinavian crafts and eat homemade lefse! I'm a member of the local Nordic Heritage Museum even though I'm not sure I have any to speak of... however I always enjoy celebrating with the Scandinavians. As I did this summer in both a silly

A beautiful day to celebrate Nordic Heritage

and more serious fashion.

Wood carving detail

I was blown away by the skills on display in fiber and wood. There were wool spinners, knitters, wood carvers, and lace makers. So beautiful.

There are always shopping opportunities and all the better when they are for a good cause. As is the Closet Treasure Sale which benefits the Dress for Success program. Helping women with low income reenter the work force by providing them with office appropriate attire. I remember graduating from college and realizing I had nothing to wear to an office job myself! I hit the thrift stores thinking how unrealistic it felt to buy a whole new wardrobe for a job that would hardly pay the bills. I'm glad this program exists.

Trumping all these activities is the wedding of Carly & Andy! So exciting to see these two get married. I've been watching them grow together for some time now and I'm very glad to be able to see them wed!

Carly and Andy May 2008

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