Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scavenger Hunt!

It's nice to have an excuse to hop into a tub with 4 people.


Or have someone else brush your teeth for a change.


And go down a big slide as a foursome.


Thank goodness for scavenger hunts and Ms. Emily's 27th birthday! It was a lot of fun!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pickles and dresses and weddings

Meeting Emily after wearing her clothes and reading her blog was lovely. She has a very present spirit, you can tell she's really listening. I think she summed up the evening quite well on her blog.  I had a wonderful time myself, which doesn't always happen when you're hosting. (Is that one of those things we're not supposed to admit?)  But this time I had a chance to slow down too and try on more than a few pretty dresses myself, and even keep a couple.  Thru the powers of exchange and barter I also acquired some freezer jam and homemade pickles, delightful!


I had a chance to wear one of the dresses right away at my friends Nicholas and Ursulas wedding.  Who knew I'd start to like pink?  Borrowing one of their Bella Umbrellas was part of the fun.


Jesse cleaned up very nice as well in his all purpose grey suit. Too bad no one took a picture of us together as we partied the night away at the Daughters of the American Revolution mansion.

A beautiful start to Nicholas and Ursulas married life!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Filly Trunk Show and Jam Exchange

I've been so remiss in not posting this earlier! 

Please come to my house tomorrow, September 16th for a Filly trunk show and Canned Jam Exchange!

More info here and here. I have a lot to do for tomorrow! I hope you come and bring some Jam or other home made tastiness to trade if you have some.  The bounty of summer! I'll be making the last batch of Vanilla Bourbon Peach Jam tonight. 

I've been perusing the new collection from Filly and I'm really excited to try it on soon! Hope to see you there!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Governors Island

Ferry Terminal
Functional Beauty

When Manhattan becomes too hectic and you think to yourself, I'm on vacation I want to relax and stop sweltering in the juices of the city. Ewww. You're in luck! There is a respite and it is almost completely free.

Depart from the Battery Maritime Building, a historic ferry terminal near the Staten Island Ferry terminal.

Hop aboard with someone you want to spend the day with. Especially if they're a good storyteller.

Ferry to Governors Island
In the middle of a story

Watch the skyline.
At the same moment

Enjoy the ferry ride. Especially if you don't get out on the water enough.

It's a short trip.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Visit to Purl Soho

Purl Soho Wall
Inspiration Wall
I was worried about finding Purl Soho in their new location.  But it wasn't difficult, just a more bustling area than the last one. However, the moment you step in the door it's calm.  This wall of projects greets you with cozy felt pillows, hand embroidered dolls and knit houses.

Purl Soho Yarn Wall
Hand-dyed Cashemre
Maybe it's the walls of yarn that insulate the store, but a kind of hush falls over people as they enter. They whisper politely in a dreamy state of project planning.

Wall of Liberty Fabric
In love with Liberty
I fell into this state myself. A whole wall of Liberty Fabric! It was gorgeous.

So many of my favorite things
A rare photo of Jesse without a book
Jesse was more into reading The Corrections, but he was very patient with me and the hours and hours I spent shopping at Purl.

Purl Soho Counter

And when it's time to go they'll ring you up at this lovely counter.  I showed some restraint, buying one ball of road to china yarn and a spice felt bundle. I couldn't choose amongst the Liberties!  Next time.