Friday, September 24, 2010

Pickles and dresses and weddings

Meeting Emily after wearing her clothes and reading her blog was lovely. She has a very present spirit, you can tell she's really listening. I think she summed up the evening quite well on her blog.  I had a wonderful time myself, which doesn't always happen when you're hosting. (Is that one of those things we're not supposed to admit?)  But this time I had a chance to slow down too and try on more than a few pretty dresses myself, and even keep a couple.  Thru the powers of exchange and barter I also acquired some freezer jam and homemade pickles, delightful!


I had a chance to wear one of the dresses right away at my friends Nicholas and Ursulas wedding.  Who knew I'd start to like pink?  Borrowing one of their Bella Umbrellas was part of the fun.


Jesse cleaned up very nice as well in his all purpose grey suit. Too bad no one took a picture of us together as we partied the night away at the Daughters of the American Revolution mansion.

A beautiful start to Nicholas and Ursulas married life!

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Carlytron said...

I love Bella Umbrellas!