Monday, March 02, 2009


A few weeks ago Jesse and I made the sojurn east to visit our friends Nerissa and Ian in the wilds of Cheney, WA.

Besides their lovely company there was the enticement of new lambs. Yes, freshly lambed lambs.

So cute

Now I wouldn't say the lambs wanted me to hold them, but I got away with it for a little while.


When they bleated, as this one was doing, their whole bodies shook!

Doesn't want to be held

It surprised me! But they didn't need to worry as mom was nearby and I was only interested in their fiber, not their meat.

Jenny's ranch had all kinds of sheep, an alpaca, a fainting goat, or was it two? A couple of big friendly dogs... I really liked it. She was very kind to show us city slickers around.

Jenny on her ranch

I think Ian and Jesse liked it too.

Ian and Jesse amuse themselves

Don't they look amused?


Red said...

Not just amused but very handsome as well. I forgot about Jesse's impressive dimples. Also, what lovely hand knits y'all have!

Carly said...

I love the 2nd picture of you and the lamb.