Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hilltop Fashion Show

My birthday is happening this year on the exact same date as the Hilltop Fashion Show!

Which, if you're wondering, just happens to be tomorrow. I'm pretty excited to model, not one, but two sweaters I've knit myself. The first is the argyle sweater vest, Cyd which you've seen a fair amount of. The second... well the second refuses to be photographed well while in progress, but here's my latest attempt:

Ok, you can probably see that this sweater isn't exactly, hmmm, what do you call it? Oh, yeah, finished.

All I can say is I've made it past the lace and for me that was no minor feat. The lace and I are not friends so much. This was our first meeting and it took awhile for it to go well. I think we're on our way now, but I'm not hurrying off to cast on a shawl or anything. And I'm probably going to end up cheating on the sleeves a little, just so I can wear it in the show. I'll have pictures of it all I'm sure. As my Mom will be there and what she lacks in quality of photography she makes up for in quantity.

To recap:

Free Fashion Show
Hilltop Yarn West
2224 Queen Anne Ave. N.

Modelling begins at 6:30pm, but I'd suggest coming earlier for a good spot.

My sister will also be modelling this week. Oh yes, we are fabulous. Her friend Tuan is holding a fashion show of his own designs this Saturday and he has asked her to model. At Arts, etc. I wonder if it had anything to do with her being tall and beautiful? Hmmmm....


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so excited to see the knits!


KnittingEm said...

Hi I just bought yarn for the Stitch Diva sweater. I will need some advice from you for sure. Mine is going to be blue. What size did you make? I will have to lengthen the top a little but otherwise yours fit well.

Kat said...

Fire away! It's an easy pattern to adjust and if I hadn't been in such a hurry to make it for the fashion show it would fit me better. :( Still pretty darn cute though, I liked it best on Meghan.