Thursday, October 19, 2006

birds don't have careers

I often wish I was retired.

I like the idea of puttering around the house baking bread from scratch and persuing the many crafts I seem determined to try.

In that vein I have begun sewing.

Well I've puttered with the idea before and I finally signed up for a sewing class. It went well, but my skirt was not completed in the course of the class. I picked out a swingy circle skirt in this fabric:

Wait, can you see my purse on top? Can you tell I like poppies?

I enjoyed how fast sewing is compared to knitting, but it felt fussier as well and the mistakes aren't as easy to fix.

I have an ancient Singer and am trying to decide if I should soup it up or trade it in?

And I actually have begun baking bread, albeit with a thriftscored bread machine. Pretty tasty though.


Daphne said...

oh! I have TOTALLY been scoping out the thriftstore bread machines. so it works? are they $15 at every thrift store (i saw one at goodwill and one at VV in your 'hood, both $14.99).

Wendy said...

Cute skirt!

Kat said...

Mine does work and it was only $6!


Duchess said...

Love the poppies!

Wendee said...

Hey - I have almost the same bag, but black. Have we talked about this before?... I heart Queen Bee... and poppies! And yeah, I got suckered into the full price bread machine. I don't rule. Please give up any good bread machine recipes.

Kat said...

Yes, we do share love for Queen Bee.

I've pretty much just been working on perfecting the classic bread, but I'm thinking cinnamon rolls soon...

Secret Agent Peanut said...

I think you should become comfortable with the functions and uses of your sewing machine and if you decide that you really enjoy sewing, an upgrade is in order. Singer makes a solid machine, and taking it to a shop to have them oil it up and show you a couple of basic things about how it works and why is usually pretty cheap.

I would be happy to play around with it for you. Mine has to go into the shop this month, the tension is wack. As soon as we get it up and running, tho, you can expect to be a guinea pig for my new idea. (It means you get free stuff!)