Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Finished Noro Object

This sweater took a long time for me, over a year. I definitely learned a lot from it. It was only my second set in sleeve, I'd never knit a sweater side to side and it has my first all crocheted edging. Whew!

It's a little brighter than I thought it would be, but that's Noro for you.

Here's me enjoying it in the wild.

There are still enough chilly days left in Seattle to enjoy this sweater, and yes, my boots too!


Kelly said...

Kat, it's a GORGEOUS sweater! We need more colorful clothing in Seattle, anyway. :-) P.s. I love the boots...

theresa said...

Absolutely beautiful! And here I thought you didn't like pink. ;)

I guess this means I have to finish mine now. Just one front and the sleeves left. Well, there's that edging too... and the last quarter of the sleeves of my Mission Falls sweater I'm working on, that I have to finish first... I'll get it all done, really I will.

Kat said...

I actually don't like pink very much, but Noro has it's way of distracting your eye from certain colors and towards others...

When I was picking the color I thought it would be more muted and brown!

This sweater should be the official Hilltop Sweater- Betsy, Jule, Emily, and yourself have knit it or are finishing it.

Am I leaving anyone out?

I do recommend it, so easy to knit! (Although I'd put in more darts if I did it again)

ana said...

I love the sweater! The color is great and looks super on you! Did you use wool Noro or silk garden?

Could you point to where i might find the pattern? Thanks!

Kat said...

Hi, thank you for the lovely comment! I used Noro Silk Garden for the sweater.

I believe the pattern is out of print. The cover says Noro Collection, Debbie Bliss. The sweater I knit is on the cover, in more of a purple/green combination.

Good luck.