Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wedding planning

I am having trouble finding a wedding ring. I wanted an old, simple ring. Unfortunately the one I've been most attracted to so far turned out to be from the 1930's and platinum. Therefore unaffordable.

I've thought about having a new ring made. However, I have ethical issues with mining.

Any brillant suggestions?

*best suggestion so far: Karen sent in


dinahsaurus said...

If someone in your family has a ring from which you could use the stone, you could have a new ring made with it. Or a Canadian diamond, maybe. Or a different stone that was ethically mined. Try going here:

manic hispanic said...

his and hers twist ties!!

Kat said...

Thanks for the suggestions.

The problem with any part of any ring that is new is that it would be mined, metal, gems, the whole shebang it's gotta come from some where. Precious metals aren't mined much more ethically than jewels and are just as toxic to the environment.

Yes, I use metals in my daily life, but as this is a completely superfluous purchase I want to make as good of one as I can.

Hmmm... twist ties. Yes, yes twist ties.

Kat said...

Ok, I admit I commented before I went to the site you sent Karen and it's really good.

I'm still too picky to choose easily, but thank you for the thoughtful link. :)

Carly said...

I heard you got a ring? I can't wait to see it.

claire said...

I'm not one for traditional and instead of an engagement ring, I went for a simple cartier chunky white gold ring to cover both wedding and engagement. it has diamonds all round, looks a bit seventies and is cartier. not something I would have ever expected to buy in a million years but I love it so much. and people comment because ts different. their love rings are nice too. just in case you fancied a look. good luck!

Elena said...

Thanks for writing this.