Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Silver Fox

We've seen the sweater go from this:

Big Blue Something

To this:

Man Sweater

And finally, we have this:

Dad Sweater

Doesn't he look regal?

That's my Dad, finally modeling his long awaited sweater. It's knit from Lopi, a rough icelandic wool. I may never knit with it again, but I feel better knowing he appreciates its scratchiness. He feels its rough texture and knows it will last through years of hunting and fishing.

He really does like it and that makes my rough hands and hours of hauling around a large sweater, just to finish that last sleeve, worth it.

Pattern from The Knitters Handy Book of Sweater Patterns by Ann Budd. Which despite the bottom up raglan directions is an excellent book. Just look at the results!


Quinntessence said...

yay sweater!!! though its sooo hot here just thinking of the word lopi makes me feel like passing out form heatstroke.

staceyjoy said...

great sweater on a handsome guy. That color is perfect!

Kelly said...

Kat, it's wonderful! I'm still working on my man-sweater...from the top down. :-) Right now it's almost a vest. hhahahaha

Nerissa said...

I had my doubts but you did finish it. And it looks fabulous. It looks like you've hung your pictures as well.

k a t said...

Awww, thanks guys.

I'm pretty proud of it, my first sweater for someone else and I even think he'll wear it.

Wendee said...

Looks great, Kat! Nice work!

manic hispanic said...

it fits and suits him well.
what a good daughter you are. knitting with Lopi is a labour of love!