Thursday, June 12, 2008

Think of Every Town You've Lived In

I was also able to go to the Bellingham Farmers Market on my short visit. Besides delicious crepes, honey, and fruit they have musicians:

Bellingham Farmers Market

handspun Spincycle yarn:

I drool on this booth every time

and what that yarn can become:

Spincycle Garments

As well as Moth and Squirrel Toys, that share a booth with Spincycle:

Moth & Squirrel, w/Spincycle

and Rachel, a Spincycler herself!

Spincycle Rachel

Yes, there's a lot to love about Bellingham. I know Carly and Andy love it too. Just look at those smiling faces!

Carly and Andy May 2008

But I had to go home sometime, and when you leave Bellingham I suggest you do it by train.


It's a lovely view, hugging the coastline of the Pacific. If you can get them to show The Harvey Girls for in board entertainment I suggest that too.

My train was most accommodating.

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