Thursday, December 11, 2008

part two

2) Bring two of your best friends along with you.

Looking out

Even though I had thought of celebrating la Dia de los Muertos for my birthday as a kid, I forgot when I grew up. Opie reminded me. She called me to say, we're turning 30. It's a big deal. We should do it together. She was right.

Opie got her first passport to make this trip! Here she is admiring a mermaid at the Santo Domingo Museum. Aren't they both lovely?

Opie and I have been best friends for 15 years. In high school we used to dream about going on trips like this, to see first hand what we were learning about in Art History. This was our chance to do that together.

Jesse is up for going anywhere, that doesn't have assassin bugs, that is. So I knew he'd be on board. Here he is in the Santo Domingo library which contains Pre-Columbian codices.

I know this isn't what the bookstore he works in looks like, but this is how I picture him at work. Surrounded by ancient leather bound manuscripts with a little smile on his face.

Jesse and Opie both have adventurous appetites, for music, food, language and culture. I'm so glad they wanted to go on this adventure with me.


Red said...

Now time for a wild adventure to the wild side. Or as some people call it Eastern Washington!

Secret Agent Peanut, aka Stephanie said...

I hope that was the first of many international adventures for us. Next time, we should definitely make sure we stay in the same place. (i.e. Stephanie should make sure that she has the $ at the same time Kat does.)

I'm so glad I got to experience Oaxaca with you and Jesse!