Tuesday, May 04, 2010

You've Got To Know Your Chickens

After a prolonged talk with the landlord, about urban ecology and stewardship some new members were added to the household. Chickens! I've been wanting pets for so long and Jesse seemed more open to the idea of pets who are also productive and just happen to poop outside. So chickens it is.

Oh little chicks!

These little gals were mailed right after hatching and I picked them up and took them home on the bus.  That was a wee cold trip for them, but they all made it. They are Dominiques, a heritage breed that is supposed to be good for beginners as they are docile and handle confinement well. And adorable to boot!

So cute

These pictures are their glory days of adorableness. I have to admit that they are somewhat smelly teenagers now, but the upside is they will be fully feathered and ready to go outside soon. Then: Eggs!


Red said...

Sooo cute! And the chicks are nice too. hehe You look very excited about your new babies. I'm looking forward to seeing them next time I'm in town.

Carly said...

Okay, these pictures have to be the cutest thing I have ever seen!