Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pics or it didn't happen?

I hear you saying that oh internet and let me tell you I don't buy it.

This past weekend I trekked up to Leavenworth but not for the faux Germaness of it all. No, I went for the trees, a campfire and the Wenatchee River. Not to mention the chance to spend time with some of my favorite knitting ladies. Of all the joys Ravelry has given me the chance to make many great friends has been the best one.

We floated our inner tubes down the river while we gossiped about dating, drinking beers and dodging driftwood. We ate in a '50's diner with "world famous" shakes while a Three Stooges episode played.  We talked and yes, knitted, for hours under the stars next to a campfire.  We greeted the snorting deer who came to visit.  Who knew they snorted so loudly?

On our way home we stopped at Gold Dust days in Gold Bar and found treasure amongst the motorcyclists and belly dancers. A lime green bonnet for Molly and a leather purse with two deer on it for me. Sang to 69 Love Songs all the way home. Arrived completely rested.  Thank you Summer for finally being here, even without pictures.


emily rose said...

I was so bummed out I couldn't make it! Too many great yet conflicting events this summer. I'm glad it was wonderful!


Sustainable Eats said...

How fun! I'd so love to take a French Girl knits tour in Sept but need to wait for the kids to get a little older before I abandon them for Europe just yet. So glad you got to go!

Carlytron said...

Sounds wonderful!

k a t said...

It was a wonderful trip, but I wasn't with The French Girl. Maybe someday I'll make it to one of those.

This was my knitting groups retreat to a Rodstol Lane Farm, just one hour west of Seattle.