Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's On


Just 3 years ago we had a little chant to welcome in the New Year. It went something like this:

We won't procreate in '08!

And we didn't. But then a few years passed and we decided we would.


So far so good. We are open to name suggestions. Although I have my secret favorites. Shhh.


Anonymous said...


Carlytron said...

Hey! So this lady at work has friends that are also up the duff and they are playing a little game with the name. They sent out a picture of scrabble tiles that spell their baby's name all mixed up. The email had a few hints too. If you replied back to the email with a name, they said that they would tell you if you were right, but you had to promise not to tell anyone else.

Stephanie Chapman said...

Boy Names:Atticus, Edwin, Elliott, Isaac, Miles, Owen

Girl Names: Amelia, Chloe, Gwendolyn, Lucy, Olivia

I can't wait to meet our new future curtin climber!