Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Meme for Daphne

My first meme! Ok, Daphne wanted to know ideally:

1) How would I spend five minutes to myself?

Hmmm, right now I'm doing this blogging thing.... alone. In an effort to avoid housecleaning and homework. But ideally, I'd be writing a letter to someone I care about.

2) How would I spend five bucks?

On my favorite charity: They provide animals to families around the world which are then able to make a livelihood from them.

3) Which five items could I part with in my house?

So many! More than five. An old knitting machine, a tea kettle too many, half my clothes, half my books, almost all of my rubber stamps...

4) Which five items would I never want to part with?

My box of love letters, my journals, the 100 year old trunks I seem to take with me everywhere I go, my pictures, and my finished hand knitted sweaters, robots, bags, etc.

5) And lastly which five words do I love?

Oh, thats a hard one. My favorite words are ones I either made up or are certainly not real. Example: boobtastic. I have a bust and I like to wear slim fitting shirts, but sometimes I'll turn something down as being too "boobtastic", even for me. My favorite sign off is sproogles. I like to describe things as splendiferous and am glad it's a real word, though it doesn't sound like one. I also like chiaroscuro and cantilever.


Duchess said...

Oh Kat, you're so good! I'd way rather give $5 to a great charity than have a jamba juice. . . sadly I didn't think of that, but I'm glad you did and now I know about a cool charity and maybe I will give them $5.

Daphne said...

Hurrah! Thank you for playing. I really like learning little bits about you guys from this. I forgot to clarify the next step is to invite others to play--but you don't have to. :)

Kat said...

Heifer is definitely worth $5. When people want to give me gifts I tell them to go there.

I know memes are meant to be passed on... maybe I'll think of my own to pass on?