Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Paris in the Springtime

What was paris like you ask?

Well for the 30 odd hours we were there it was slightly disorienting, though I still found it enchanting. Of course I also managed to find my way to a yarn store... more specifically La Droguerie. I'd been there once before, years ago, but didn't buy anything because I was shy and I don't speak French. Well I've overcome my shyness as you can see.

Yes, I'm holding a La Droguerie bag, full of both alpaca and blue tweed. Here are some of the beautiful kids sweaters, beads and ribbons on display.

The yarn is shown in hanks on hooks, you tell them how much you need and they disappear and bring you back the appropriate amount. It's quaint and somehow terrifying at the same time. How do you really know you're getting enough? I'll let you know whenever I get around to the project this yarn was bought for. (Don't hold your breath) It was a lot of fun.

What did I knit on while I was away? A very simple tank top I was hoping to wear when I got back. It's this one:

from South West Trading Company, though I was using different yarn. In fact I was using a hand dyed variegated yarn. We all know what you're supposed to do with those right? Alternate the yarn, either from two balls or from the innie and outie part of the ball. What happens if you don't?

That my friends is called "pooling" although I think mine looks like an oilslick. See how much further I went, just as if that oilslick didn't exist. That's called being on vacation. I truly didn't see it until I got home. Paris was that pretty.


Daphne said...

Ooooh, everything is very pretty! I want to walk into La Drougerie right now and order yarn for the crocodile sweater. "Ce jupe la! Mais plus grande! Tres, tres grande! Pour l'homme!" and see what they say. Only I can't remember if "jupe" is dress or sweater or something else entirely. Guess I better study up before I go to Paris.

Duchess said...

I finally got here, and oh, what a treat! I don't speak of lick of French (and I will never get those hours in French class back, say la what?)
But I can't wait for our Europe trip next year. . . Paris yarn just sounds more exotic and lovely.

Kat said...

Dapne don't worry about studying before you go to Paris. I can only ask people if they speak English. Really. That's it. The rest of my french would just sound like Pepe Le Pu.

I do like that crocodile sweater though. Maybe that would be worth learning French for...

Kat said...

Duchess, I think I fell for that "Paris yarn must be more exotic and lovely thing"... it really isn't, but it was quite alluring at the time. Plus it was vacation yarn. I didn't standd a chance.

I'll have to bring in the tweed sometime for direction on what to do with it, but not now that the weather's getting warmer. Darn.