Monday, January 08, 2007


A new year, a new sweater. A simple, raglan, top down sweater. It's Glee from Zephyr knits in Cashcotton DK from Nashua.

The cotton is combined with cashmere and angora, so it hardly feels like cotton at all. It's so easy I can do it even in my pajamas even amongst all my lovely piles of... what's that? Books, music, knitting supplies?
Anyway I started it a little over a week ago and I'm already way past the point in the picture, in fact I'm over 12 inches from when this photo was taken. It just looks better with a body in it then in a lump on my table. Soon it will grace Hilltop, as pink isn't really my color and I'd like some store credit. The holidays left my wallet a wee bit empty and momma needs some handpainted yarn. More on that to come.

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