Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Utah was wonderful and lovely. It was my 3rd visit there but the first time it was for pleasure and not for business. Also the first time I was able to see more of the state than just Provo. We were up by Bear Lake, spending some time in Jim's cabin. It was a manly cabin, there's a reason they call him a mountain man. Here's ye olde welcome mat.

Wilson Ranch

I was quite warm, despite the snow, thanks to the clothes Betsy lent me.
Thank You Betsy!

Jim built and decorated the cabin himself. The decor was mostly taxidermied and antlered, and I loved it! The antlers aren't hunting trophies as he finds them after they've been shed by the animals growing out of them. But the fish he did catch himself and we enjoyed having some for dinner.

Jims Cabin

There was a fire to knit by and a great view. Here's Jesse, Clara and Charlie on the back porch of the cabin. Behind them is Bear Lake and some of the hills where we went snowshoeing.

Jims Cabin on Bear Lake

Alina really dug the cabin too.

I found my ear!

There was lots to see while walking around, including the camera shy wild turkeys, moose and magpies. I did manage to capture some other picaresque scenes. Did I mention there was snow?

Utah Cabin

View at Jims Cabin

I loved the snow it was clean and bright, reflecting more sun than I'm used to, even in summer. As much as I love Seattle there are solid months of gloomy grey that I don't love.

Sunshine is no substitute for caffeine. Luckily we managed to find some of that as well. This lovely place even roasts their own and it was delicious.

We found caffeine in Utah.

We did stop in Salt Lake briefly before flying out. We looked up some genealogy and admired the architechture.


Everyone was warm and gracious. I hope its not our last visit to Utah, soon I'll have family there myself!


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It looks absolutely beautiful! I'm glad you had a good time.