Monday, February 12, 2007

Where do the sweaters go?

I knit. I knit a lot. So where do the sweaters go? They go to Hilltop Yarn, where I work.

Glee from Zephyr

Here is a finished Glee from Zephyr knit in Cashcotton DK by Nashua. So soft it helped me to forget that I don't actually like pink! Top down raglan = one super fast knit.

I knit this one even faster. My knitting group never saw it and I didn't blog on it either, but I did knit it! It's Green Gable, also from Zephyr, in String of Pearls from Muench. Zephyr does a great job at the top down raglan and this one was extra small so it went extra quick. (Again, for the store, not moi.)

Green Gable From Zephyr

I'm knitting all these sweaters for the store in an attempt to save up enough credit to buy a wheel. Yes, a spinning wheel. In particular this wheel:

Joy Spinning Wheel

Joy. I had a chance to try it at a Hilltop meeting where Megan taught many of us to spin. It's unusual in design, funky and quite small. I think it looks like some kind of musical instrument. I'm in full lust over it. Luckily it will take me a little time to accrue enough store credit to see if the ardor fades. Is this like buying a Ferrari just after one learns to drive? Am I nutty?

Yes, I am, because I just cast on for my wedding dress. Eeek! First time knitting a Rowan pattern and only my second stab at lace. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Duchess said...

You can do it, you can do it! And at least in my experience, no that lust does not subside.

Martine said...

criminy, are you knitting your whole wedding dress? Is it the ball gown from Rowan 40?

Kat said...

Yes, I am attempting to knit my wedding dress. No, it is not the ball gown from Rowan 40... I think that one is kind of promlike.

It's Butterfly from the cover of Rowan 37. Simple, sweet, summer.

manic hispanic said...

you should really let the Hilltop Ladies take care of your dress for you.

dunnewithkiwis said...

Those sweaters are amazing! I remember when you were a wee lass, my girl, in the towers of Buchanan, sitting with me and Carly and Quinn, sipping on...Arbor Mist... and having quite an adventure.

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Arbor Mist! I deny ever drinking that. J/K. I remember that time too, when all you could knit were scarves. I think at that time you couldn't even change colors correctly yet. -Carly