Sunday, December 30, 2007


I have been knitting, and even finishing a few things. Knowing the end of the year is coming soon, I've felt a frenzy to be productive and finish projects that languished during the year.

These have been waiting the longest, over a year. I know they look deceptively simple, but there are little fingers hiding inside those paws and since I always knew they were a gift I'd been less inclined to finish them.

Pop Up Paws

Here they are in progress:

Gift Gloves

I'm so glad they're done and now I can think about doing a pair for myself!

In the meantime I made a pair of quickies for me:

Wonder Warmers

These are Wonder Warmers from Spincycle Yarns using their single ply worsted merino wool.

Wonder Warmers

I also made a hat for myself:
Virgo Hat

(Sorry for the dark picture.) It's the Virgo Hat from Spincyle in their single ply worsted merino wool, colorway "rusted rainbow." I call mine the Scorpio hat, since I was born in November.

Lest you think I only knit small things I also finished this:
Finished Jane Sweater

The pattern is the"Jane Origami Crossover Sweater" from Perl Gray. The yarn is Ottawa from Fleece Artist and it's quite delicious. Hilltop is selling them in kits and I made this one as a store sample.

Thanks to Monica for taking this picture.

Now I am pondering what to knit next... Any suggestions?


Secret Agent Peanut, aka Stephanie said...

I have yet to receive a knitted item from you. *Cough* I know you're about fed up with gift knitting.

I'm just sayin'....

:) Love you.

weebug said...

i love the hat, and that is a great picture of you in that sweater.

meghan said...

your projects are all so lovely!