Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chilly Hilly

Today was the annual Chilly Hilly bike ride on Bainbridge Island. Now I'm not in shape to bike 33 miles and truth be told I don't even own a bike. However, that didn't keep me from being part of the support team!

Some Hilltop knitters rode in the race and some more of us chose to support them by shopping for yarn and fabric, as well as eating some delicious food.

Here's Shannon enjoying a beverage after the race. Which is actually a tiny dessert.

I managed to find a little something to treat myself with, isn't it pretty?

It's a dark chocolate tart filled with caramel and a mocha on the side. Yum.

I also managed to wear my new favorite sweater.

Obviously, Seth likes it. Or he's just proud that he actually did bike 33 miles.

I'm especially proud of these darts.

Spincycle Boatneck

I started with the Boatneck Bluebell pattern from Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel, and then I went my own way. This yarn is so beautiful I didn't think it needed much embellishment.

Stripey Stripes

The yarn is a worsted weight merino from Spincycle Yarns, in the "Castaways and Cutouts" colorway. It goes with everything I own.


Anonymous said...

Kat, that sweater is gorgeous! I can't wait to pick your brain about the has become very clear that I need to learn how to do them in order to make sweaters that will flatter me. I hope you took notes!

Anonymous said...

Hee. I love your sweater and am highly amused by the alternate angle of Seth's "smile" pose. I made him smile in return for my deleting a picture where he's making a different, unintentionally funny face, because he generally just gives me a dopey unamused look for posed photos.

Quinntessence said...


Duchess said...

Oh, I love the sweater.

That tart looks pretty good too.

manic hispanic said...

extreme darts for extreme jubs!
p.s. i am a sweat monger. holy heck that was a tough ride! and a wake up call. I've begun going to the gym. You should come with me some time.

k a t said...

Awww thanks guys!

I definitely did not take notes on this sweater, but top down raglan means you don't have to! I just tried it on intermittently and then did extreme darts when I was almost directly under my bosom.

Yes, Shanny, I should be looking into the gym myself- at least you rode in the race, I just sat back and ate the tart!