Saturday, March 11, 2006

As Promised

What does happen with all that i-cord anyway? Well Daphne knew, but for the rest of you:

opie w/necklace 2

This is my best friend Stephanie or Opie (as I have nicknamed her) modeling the Alchemy Bamboo I-cord necklace. See what you do is you knit a ton of i-cord, then you knot it up real pretty, add a bow and voila! She's practicing her crochet in a pajama party at my apartment. On Saturday nights around here we practice our happy hookin'. Pretty much any night really.

Just so you don't think that's all we do, here's the cutest couple I know with their tandem bike after we had brunch together.

tandem hug

They rode this thing from Seattle to San Francisco and learned that tandem bikes aren't actually meant to carry a lot of weight... like a tent or camp stove but they made the trip anyway.


Daphne said...

I am very jealous of that bicycle. Can I have it, please?

Kat said...

Can you ride tandem?