Wednesday, March 01, 2006

London Calling

I'll be spending my spring break in a soggy land. A land of crumpets and tea, and dare I say... knitting? Yes, no tropical islands for me, I'm going to Merry Old England. Where I will hunt down the elusive yarn stores and take comfort in their heathered, tweedy goodness.

I was already looking forward to this trip abroad when I found out that Kay Gardiner of fame is going to be speaking at a London yarn store. She'll be at Loop on March 26th to promote her and Ann's new book. Their website is so much fun, I'm sure seeing her in person will be a treat. Loop's site ( is also quite sweet. As we all know, souvenir yarn is the best!

Then I found out about the Stitch & Craft show going on March 23-26. I can't tell how cutesy it is, but I don't think I can resist. It covers knitting, crochet, papercrafts, embroidery, etc. It looks huge, so there has to be something there I will be into.

Jesse looks a little worried about all this knitting activity... but I've promised him there are lots of museums and outdoor markets I want to go to as well. Not to mention pub grub I want to eat, I've heard rumors of a french fry sandwich... How do we not have these in the U.S.?

I promise there will be pictures of the i-cord project next time.


Duchess said...

one word: JEALOUS

Kat said...

After this quarter I deserve it. I'm working one and a half jobs, taking 8 credits and volunteering... let's just say my apartment is messy and I haven't been knitting nearly enough.