Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bath and Oxford

I already feel like I've seen a lot of the English countryside even though we've only been here for a few days. Graeme and Edele have been ideal hosts, taking us around everywhere with delicious food around every corner.

Our first day here Jesse and I managed to walk around a bit even though we didn't really feel right yet, too much jet lag. I made it to a stiching expo that did have some yarn though. Once I got there the crowds and the walking caught up with me and I didn't stay as long as I wanted to. No pictures of it because the only one worth taking, a few women knitting with enormous 3 feet long needles!, I missed due to battery issues. The Colinette yarn is really cheap here though and I'll have to get some before we leave.

Then we left for Bath, which is a beautiful old town that is quite the tourist trap now I suppose but still very charming. Here's us at the Abbey, there just happened to be a concert going on while we were there and the church had wonderful acoustics as well as stained glass.

Bath Abbey

We stayed that night with a friend of our hosts, Justin, who is a wonderful cook. Does food taste better when you're on vacation? It seems to here.

Then we went on to Oxford which is full of specific colleges in seemingly every subject.

Oxford Buildings

Graeme in Oxford

This building is actually a library, unfortunately it's not open to the public.

Radcliffe Camera

Then we went on to the Pitt-Rivers Museum, part Natural History, some photography and a lot of neat artifacts.
Oxford Pitt-Rivers Museum

The artifacts were all sort of jumbled up, which made them seem a little Indiana Jones/Ye Olde Curiosity Shop but I really liked that about them. Not austere and souless. They would have a display of "death rites" and it would include those of ancient England as well as New Guinea, India, etc. The Natural History part was full of extinct animals, the birds seemed especially large. The hedghogs were my favorite, apparently they are still plentiful around here and I'm really hoping to see one in the wild before we leave.

Inside Pitt-Rivers

Tomorrow we're going into Central London and all the free museums!


Duchess said...

The pictures are beautiful, I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back! HAVE FUN on the rest of your trip!

Court said...

Hey there! It's Courtney, apparantly you've posted the scariest picture of me ever...what the hell is my expression in that biking picture?!

I hope you're having a blast in London, I want to hear all about it when you get back. Let's do another knitting proj. soon - my leg warmers are taking longer than I thought.

Steph said...

I miss you! Are you having a loverly time across the pond? Have a scone and tea for me and hug t3h Jesse! Love you!