Saturday, November 03, 2007

My day does not end at midnight

but officially my birthday does.

It was a good one, a mellow one. Which is what I needed.

Jesse and I had some good time on the road to and from Bellingham. I go to pick the music on the ipod and, as usual, he did all the driving.

We drove North to spend time with Opie. Had brunch at one of my favorite spots in town, Mount Bakery. Although none of us was hungry enough to try their crazy Eggs Benedict, which come served on a Belgian Waffle. Next time I'll resolve to show up hungrier.

We hung out at a fabric store and fondled various things. Steph bought fabric to make many aprons. I had the good luck to not only be included in this generous apron making and giving, but also have the chance to learn something by watching Steph work on them later.

We stopped by Goodwill and found many $3 finds. I now have more sweaters in my wardrobe to counteract the chill, does it feel like snow to anyone else? I know it's too early, right? Please say yes. I live and work on top of two separate, large hills...

We ended the evening with a large Stephmade dinner including many of my favorite things, eggplant, kalamata olives, parmesan, pesto, garlic and pasta. I also got to love up her pets quite generously, especially Wyatt as I do have a tendency toward the felines.

Most of all I had a chance to breath a bit easier. To share some of the load I've been carrying and hopefully to do the same for her. There is an ease in being with someone who has known you nearly half your life. A comfort to just being able to be with someone.

We're 29 now and while it's a bit of a shocker I think we can handle it. Especially if we're able to see each other once in awhile.


kristin said...

Sadly, I have to agree that it feels like early snow. I hope we're both wrong, because I want to travel from my hill to yours to buy some yarn soon.

Secret Agent Peanut said...

I'm so glad you came for your birthday and that you enjoyed your time here. Your visit was a time for me to breathe easier, too.

I love you, my kitten.