Thursday, November 01, 2007


Jesse and I were supposed to have a get away to Portland this weekend. Unfortunately, a combination of his work and the upcoming holidays means he couldn't get away.

I'm still going to Bellingham for my birthday, to spend some quiet time with my best friend. It's one of my favorite places and she's one of my favorite people, I'm looking forward to it.

After that I'm looking forward to a little time here:


You can barely tell, but peeking out from the left and from the right, is my new craft space! There is yarn, a sewing machine, a paper cutter, my own craft centered bookcase and most importantly a large table. I'll show you more pictures when things are a little more together.

Here's another corner for now:

I'm hoping for some quiet moments to put things in their right places. There are pieces of me that haven't been in the right places lately. I've been walking around with my shoulders tight and my tongue sharp. I have a particular knot at the base of my neck that has been throbbing. I'm trying to unclench.

I tidy and nest when I feel this way. What do you do?


Anonymous said...

I get some of my dearest friends to give me a back rub! Watching any John Cusak movie helps too. -Hot Carly

dunnewithkiwis said...

I bake bread (finding the kneading quite cathartic) and listen to NPR. Well, I just bake for now and the NPR will be added again next year! :)

Love and backrubs from NZ Kat. I hope you're well.