Monday, June 04, 2007

Hilltop Pub Knitting

I have many knit nights and they all rotate as my favorite at one time or another. Last Saturday Hilltop Knit Night definitely won my heart once again.

Here's Daphne as the patron Saint of Sock Knitters and Bicyclists.

Karen and Brunson kindly brought me to knit night as I was feeling too lazy to bus. Imagine if you could get your husband to knit himself sweaters. Here's Brunson doing just that. Look at how happy he's making Karen!

I still love you, Jesse, but I do wish you'd knit me something, someday. The same way you wish I would take an interest in the Mariners. I guess we'll both have these unrequited desires to deal with. I think I can handle it if you can.

25 knitting days left on the wedding dress...

I'm going to need a lot more fun knit nights. Thank you ladies and gentleman for making one of them completely entertaining. Unfortunately I'll be missing my Thursday night one, as I'm babysitting my bosses daughter. Who is a lot of fun, but not yet much of a knitter. Let's hope she goes to bed early.

Yeah, right.


Daphne said...

mmm, sweaty armpits go great with knitting. :) I agree, it was a good knit night!

Wendee said...

Hi Kat,
May I swipe the pic of Daphne and the sock for my blog? Was fun to see you on Saturday. I'm still amazed about your dress and am rootin' for you!

Kat said...

Hey Wendee,

Of course you can, it's your leg after all. :)