Monday, June 11, 2007

one is silver and the other's gold

First of all I want to remind those of you who knit on Capitol Hill that there will be knitting this Wednesday at Half Price books starting at 7pm.


115 Belmont Ave., E.
Seattle, WA 98102-6324

Yes, I will be working on my wedding dress. It truly is a project I am being faithful too... at least in knitting. I feel guity if I knit anything else.

However, when sewing...

I don't feel guilty at all.

Sewing is completely different and doesn't hurt my wrists the way non-stop knitting is beginning to do. This is an old, old sweater that I love but I thought it could use an update. I recently participated in a vintage button swap and voila!

I've been thinking about lots of ways to incorporate the old with the new. With all the changes happening I find myself focusing on the small things, grandmas old buttons with newly swapped ones. The old and the new. The past and the future.


Secret Agent Peanut said...

old and the new together when sewing often equals fantastic things.

My Etsy site is fully up and running except for the banner and an avatar. I have no idea how to make those. Any suggestions?

I love the buttons. Fantabulous!

Even more than the buttons, I love you!

Felicia said...

Those buttons really jazz it up!