Saturday, June 02, 2007

Taking Form

How's the dress coming along, you ask?

As you can see it's closer to a skirt than a dress right now, but I'm still feeling good about all the progress I've made. Of course I cheated a little by simplifying the pattern...

Most of it was knit while visiting my best friend in Bellingham on my own little get away. My old college town. It was definitely showing me it's best side over Memorial Day Weekend. Such a good small town vibe was in the air and everyone seemed to be in a good mood with the beautiful weather and long weekend.

We got crafty, knitting, sewing and dyeing more slips! I'm sure to be outfitted nicely for summer- as it is shaping up to be a hot one. My goal is to have a few extra, add some lace, buttons, etc. and see about selling or trading some. I've also had an idea with needlefelting that I need to develop.

In other areas of wedding progress- we have a photographer (thank you Corina), my ring (thank you Zophie), a suit for Jesse (thank you Ruth), and an ordained Judge as that's double safe (thanks to Sylvia). It feels lovely to have so much support. To feel like you're not doing this alone. That it is truly a joining of not only two people but of their friends and family. Thank you.

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